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Using both custom built and off-the-shelf software, MediaTEK produces and/or customizes applications for the specific needs of your agency. MediaTEK's network of consultants is fluent in many applications including Microsoft Office products, Access, as well as such popular software as File Maker Pro, E-Base, SQL Server, Paradox, FoxPro, MySQL, Postgre, Oracle and others.

MediaTEK's many programming efforts have included everything from basic LAN-based databases client/constituency management systems to back-end support for complex web sites. Updates for our customized applications and databases can be downloaded via the web and our customized software can be developed to integrate wireless and Internet connectivity. Mobile personal data assistants and laptops can be updated on the fly.

MediaTEK can link database applications to:

  • Your web site on the Internet
  • Local programs including word processing for mail merge and boiler plate documents
  • Desktop publishing for product catalogs
  • Spreadsheets for sophisticated what-if analysis of data
  • Personal and organizational information systems for communications integration

Call our office 212-962-2983 to arrange a consultation and see how MediaTEK Consulting can assist your organization in more efficiently organizing and using its data.


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